May 24, 2018

Sell. Your. Shit.

Let’s face it: most FOR SALE posts are trash – they either aren’t true, have terrible pictures or don’t give you enough information to make an informed purchased. Fuck That Noise Introducing The Seller. A service platform aimed at creatively selling your stuff. We sell your items differently – through interesting, yet truthful descriptions, ridiculous […]

How it Works

Low risk, high rewardsss$$$$ Using The Seller is hella low risk – you only pay a percentage of your sale IF your item is sold. That means we’ll write your description, get your pictures and post your shit for free, then take a cut. And shit, that cut is low (20% or $100 – whichever […]


Who? and Why?

Who is The Seller and why should I pay them money? The seller is comprised of a collective of professional writers and creatives looking to make America ridiculous again. The team has worked professionally with such clients as Ford, WorldPay and many others. And they’re looking to bring their talents to South Beach help you make […]